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A Republic of values


Three projects by Lithuanian school students to be taken nationwide

In Lithuania, the ESF co-funded ‘Creating the Republic’ initiative is promoting three new projects designed by the younger generation and intended to change life for the better. ‘Getting to know our country’ is the first: it presents the history and cultural heritage of Lithuania to both locals and tourists in an attractive way. The second, ‘Let’s help each other grow’, aims to encourage solidarity among all school students, developing leadership skills, encouraging responsibility and combating bullying. The ‘laboratory of transparency’ is the third project, which proposes to fight corruption and bribery in all its forms.

Creating the Republic is supported by 120 educational institutions and 30 municipalities across the country and projects are implemented together with a range of partners, including local communities, the police, tourism agencies and the media. Many schools are already engaged in such projects and the most successful are – as is the case for these three – implemented nationwide.