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Interest in social enterprise


Social entrepreneurship on the increase in Sweden

Social entrepreneurship is on the rise in the city of Halmstad. A year ago, there was only one social enterprise in the surrounding region – today there are around ten. The Welcome Café in the Andersberg district is an example: it gives immigrant women a chance to work and get training while they learn Swedish and is part of the ESF-supported ‘Good Life’ project.

“Welcome Café is a work-integrated social enterprise, which means that women come to the café and work according to their abilities. It is also a training enterprise to learn better Swedish and offers a door to working life,” says Eija Torro-Gramby, an entrepreneurship coach.

The future for social enterprises in Halmstad looks bright as there is great interest from individuals, companies, the municipality and others. In fact, the project organisers expect several more to launch in autumn 2013.