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ESF in het nieuws

School’s in!


Proper breakfasts and granddad-mentoring are some of the measures deployed to encourage young Danes to complete their education

The ESF in Denmark has helped some 18 000 young people at risk of dropping out of school to complete their secondary education and gain valuable qualifications. In the Syddanmark and Midtjylland regions, the ‘Hold Fast’ ESF co-funded project has launched 450 different initiatives to this end – for example, by providing joint breakfasts, homework and study cafés, and granddad-mentoring opportunities given by local pensioners. The aim is to help young people find the social and educational footholds that encourage them to stay on at school. And the effort pays off – in the city of Kolding, 85% of students planning to leave school early actually stayed on to complete their studies, according to project coordinator Kirsten Bach Kjeldal. The project involves 160 schools and 2000 teachers and employees.