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Career counselling expanded
Career counselling expanded (22/01/2015)

Thanks to ESF funding, the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund is now offering free career counselling to anybody interested.

Commission adopts multi-fund programme for Estonia
Commission adopts multi-fund programme for Estonia (12/12/2014)

ESF funding for education, employment, healthcare and social services is part of a comprehensive investment in Estonia for growth and social inclusion.

Partnership agreement with Estonia adopted
Partnership agreement with Estonia adopted (20/06/2014)

On 20 June 2014, the Commission adopted the Partnership Agreement with Estonia, paving the way for almost €600 million (current prices) in European Social Fund (ESF) funding in the next seven years.

Training programme extended
Training programme extended (09/05/2014)

Estonia is making more ESF funding available for adult education and training

Enterprise Estonia, Export Estonia
Enterprise Estonia, Export Estonia (18/10/2013)

A start-up day spurs Estonian enterprises to think big about exports

Healthy co-operation
Healthy co-operation (30/08/2013)

Diseases of the nervous system are at the heart of a German-Estonian research project

e-educators (25/07/2013)

In Estonia, 12 700 teachers gain ICT skills

Reaching out to youth
Reaching out to youth (10/05/2013)

With ESF support, the Mobile Youth Work network aims to cover all Estonia

Healthier workers and workplaces
Healthier workers and workplaces (24/04/2013)

The ESF in Estonia is helping SMEs to make work environments healthier and safer

Co-operating counties
Co-operating counties (11/10/2012)

In Estonia, the Lääne-Harju municipal authorities are stepping up co-operation to help boost regional development

Getting closer to work
Getting closer to work (07/09/2012)

In Estonia, young job-seekers are offered training and company visits to improve job prospects

Camps for jobs
Camps for jobs (27/07/2012)

Summer camps for young people looking for work have been set up in Estonia

Science on the screen
Science on the screen (16/05/2012)

An ESF co-funded television programme in Estonia is popularising science as a career and winning awards

Estonia supports ‘back to school’
Estonia supports ‘back to school’ (11/11/2011)

ESF funds return to vocational education in Estonia to enhance skills

Estonia tackles ‘inactivity’
Estonia tackles ‘inactivity’ (09/09/2011)

In Estonia, the ESF is supporting employment among carers and those facing difficult circumstances

Estonia boosts manufacturing
Estonia boosts manufacturing (25/08/2011)

A new ESF-funded consulting programme for industrial enterprises is boosting productivity in Estonia

Lifelong learning rises in Estonia
Lifelong learning rises in Estonia (09/03/2011)

Estonia sees a welcome rise in lifelong learning – but specialists are still lacking

Back to school in Estonia
Back to school in Estonia (01/02/2011)

Estonia is expanding a popular ESF programme that helps school drop-outs complete their studies and get the vocational qualifications they need

Estonia values online experience
Estonia values online experience (02/01/2011)

Young Estonians are benefiting from an ESF-funded website to help them into their first job

Kick- starting the creative economy
Kick- starting the creative economy (02/12/2010)

A new Estonian programme is bringing artists and business people together to support a new, creative economy

Support for working carers
Support for working carers (03/11/2010)

An Estonian project is helping family carers stay in the labour market by providing help at home

Building better businesses
Building better businesses (02/10/2010)

Estonia is repeating a successful business mentoring programme for start-up entrepreneurs with ESF help

Baltic best practice
Baltic best practice (02/09/2010)

An ESF-funded project in Estonia is building on the experiences of the other Baltic States to raise the performance of local administration

Lifelong learning numbers increase
Lifelong learning numbers increase (01/06/2010)

Estonia to train 73 000 adults by 2013

Dropping back in
Dropping back in (03/03/2010)

Estonia to finance university drop-outs to complete their studies

Business mentors
Business mentors (01/03/2010)

Estonia extends successful mentoring programme

New textbooks, new opportunities
New textbooks, new opportunities (28/02/2010)

Estonia plans to upgrade school textbooks to meet the needs of disadvantaged pupils