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Sustainability on the menu


A city-farm and restaurant project in Flanders is putting its own home-grown produce on the menu

In the Belgian city of Ghent, the first 'agro-city restaurant' – Le Petit Botanique – has just opened its doors to the public. The restaurant aims to source as much of its produce as possible from the city itself, and in particular from a 7000m2 agricultural project in the city itself where a variety of seasonal produce is grown. Ingredients on the menu include beetroot, parsley and spinach sourced as part of the social enterprise 'Labeur' project which runs the 'city farm' and provides employment to 10 people.

"The aim is for the restaurant to source as many vegetables as possible from the project," explains Labeur's Ron Hermans. Any surplus will be sold locally and whatever the project cannot provide will be sought from organic farmers and fair trade sources. The project is managed by Labeur and the Campaan jobcoaching organisation with ESF co-financing.