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In Sweden, a project for women entrepreneurs created 27 new jobs

In the Swedish city of Norrköping, a two-year ESF project has created 27 new jobs, primarily in businesses run by women entrepreneurs. “These are real jobs, not job support results. It is an incredibly good result considering the present recession,” says Yvonne Anglesjö, manager of the Knuff project, which focused on knowledge, networks and development for entrepreneurs.

Knuff provided some 7000 hours of training in 515 sessions – and 55% of the women’s firms increased sales during the project. There are very few women entrepreneurs in the county of Östergötland, which lies in 20th place among Sweden’s 21 counties for the number of women running businesses. A group of participants in Knuff, which ended this month, plan to form an independent network to provide a valuable core of women entrepreneurs on which to continue building on the good results.