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Bringing parents back in play


ESF is providing support for parents in Belgium struggling to get back to work after a timeout

For those who take career breaks to raise children it is not always easy to get back into working life and find a job that suits their parenting responsibilities. This is why mother-of-four Nathalie Bijnens from Turnhout in Belgium set up the ‘House talent in action’ (TIA) project. “For a great and challenging job I found I would have to go back to work full time,” she explains, “while returning parents mostly need something less ‘classic’.”

TIA offers mothers and fathers a platform to find the work-life balance they need through providing flexible jobs for all qualification levels. Part-time and temporary work are both possible, and the project works closely with a range of potential employers and job agencies through its web platform (, where vacancies and parent-jobseeker profiles are posted. “Society is making too little use of the talents that are sitting at home,” explains ex-international management consultant Karin Hohmann who has just signed up to the TIA network.