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Schools going digital


Schoolchildren in Slovakia are getting access to the latest digital teaching technologies with ESF support

Slovakia is using ESF funding to equip its schools with the latest in education technologies. Under the Euro 27 million project, every primary and secondary school will receive interactive whiteboards, notebook computers and audio-visual equipment to allow access to ‘digital learning objects’. These involve short (10-minute) digital lessons covering 11 subjects that teachers can incorporate into standard teaching classes. Already many such ‘objects’ are available and the intention is to commission a further 30 000 with a Slovakian focus, covering topics such as sciences, geography, mathematics, history and languages. “We are going to produce short objects of digital educational content to be used by teachers as effectively as possible. It is important that these objects are based on the experience and knowledge of the teachers,” explains Andrej Stančík, a project methodologist. The project is managed by the Institute of Information and Prognoses in Education. The first digital materials will be available by the end of 2013 and the aim is to reach some 543 000 schoolchildren using this innovative teaching method.