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Back to work more quickly


A rehabilitation project that helps patients to return quickly to work wins an ESF award

In the Netherlands, a project to help workers injured on the job get back to work more quickly has won an award from the ESF. Previously, medical staff would concentrate on getting people who were injured at work back into normal everyday life at home. However, at the Jessa Hospital, the focus is now on getting them back to work.

The hospital began questioning employers on what skills they needed from their injured employees, and the injured or sick employees on what they considered they could achieve. "This then tells us where we have to concentrate our rehabilitation efforts," explains care manager Luc Claes. So, for example, a roofer who is injured can spend part of the rehabilitation period relearning and practising his or her roofing skills. With this new approach to rehabilitation, the Jessa Hospital has managed to get 21 of its 55 patients back to work as quickly as possible.