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IT for justice


Bulgaria uses ESF funding to improve the crime and justice system with better IT systems

In Bulgaria, an ESF co-funded project – the Unified Information System for Combating Crime (UISCC) – has been completed and is ready for implementation announced Deputy Director of the National Investigation Service, Mr Petko Petkov. UISCC is a combination of automated information systems, including a core unit linking the systems of the judicial and executive authorities. It helps investigators and jurists follow up information, from the original crime scene to the final judgment.

“The funding of e-justice is a priority for the ESF Operational Programme ‘Administrative Capacity’ (OPAC) and the results of the current project prove that,” said the Programme Head, Monica Beecher. “The development of such a system has been discussed for 17 years, but only now, thanks to the support of OPAC, we can see it in its full functionality,” she added.