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Veterans with a vocation


In the UK, military veterans are helping jobseekers build confidence and get on in life and work

A pioneering ESF project in which injured military veterans help give unemployed or isolated people a fresh start in life is being rolled out in Somerset in the UK. Active Plus is a project where veterans deliver support and training to people who are out of work or socially isolated. The aim is to help them gain the confidence and communication skills to find a job and make social connections.

The project also helps veterans to develop their skills and confidence. "The success of Active Plus is the high-quality experience that is uniquely delivered by injured veterans as instructors," explains project director Tim Cocks. “They have a wealth of knowledge and experience and can empathise with course participants as many of them have themselves been unemployed, or experienced isolation and self-doubt about their future. Working together provides mutual benefits that motivate and inspire everyone involved”.