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French youths get taste of work in Poland
French youths get taste of work in Poland (09/01/2015)

ESF funds have enabled 30 young people from the Midi-Pyrénées region to gain two months of work experience in the Polish city of Zielona Góra.

Catching the big fish together
Catching the big fish together (03/10/2014)

Thanks to ESF-funding, future Czech fishermen can go to Poland to practice their skills.

ESF mokymo tinklai – veiksminga tarpvalstybinio mokymosi patirtis
ESF mokymo tinklai – veiksminga tarpvalstybinio mokymosi patirtis (24/09/2014)

Liepos 3 d. paskelbta ESF mokymo tinklų rezultatyvumo, efektyvumo ir tinkamumo vertinimo galutinė ataskaita. Nors yra sričių, kurias galima tobulinti, ataskaitoje patvirtinama, kad šie tinklai yra vertinga terpė keistis idėjomis, įgūdžiais ir novatoriškais metodais.

Master entrepreneurs
Master entrepreneurs (08/11/2013)

A transnational project on student entrepreneurship in Romania attracts 200 new students

Roman knowledge, Romanian skills
Roman knowledge, Romanian skills (25/10/2013)

Italy and Romania exchange know-how on encouraging entrepreneurship among jobseekers

Healthy co-operation
Healthy co-operation (30/08/2013)

Diseases of the nervous system are at the heart of a German-Estonian research project

Boosting rural employment
Boosting rural employment (03/07/2013)

A Romanian-Greek project to boost rural entrepreneurship has just finished

Fostering better futures
Fostering better futures (21/06/2013)

Croatia launches project for better foster care for children and young people

Internships across Europe
Internships across Europe (28/02/2013)

With ESF help, young Italian graduates can improve their European CV with work experience abroad

Supporting workers with cancer
Supporting workers with cancer (04/10/2012)

A Romanian project is helping cancer sufferers at work with help from an Italian partner

Experience that counts
Experience that counts (26/09/2012)

Young trainees from Germany are off to renovate a children’s cancer clinic in Hungary

Routes to work opportunities
Routes to work opportunities (27/07/2012)

A European seminar promotes women's entrepreneurship in cultural tourism in rural areas

Boosting tourism careers
Boosting tourism careers (20/06/2012)

In Romania, a transnational ESF project is training people for jobs in the tourism sector

A European network for helping disabled job-seekers
A European network for helping disabled job-seekers (19/04/2012)

The CSR+D network is stressing the creative and innovative potential of disabled workers

International apprenticeships
International apprenticeships (23/09/2011)

German apprentices are using internships in Spain to widen their horizons, with ESF support

Fighting the social effects of cancer
Fighting the social effects of cancer (22/08/2011)

An Italian-Romanian project is supporting employment for people diagnosed with cancer

Boosting Swedish trade
Boosting Swedish trade (01/08/2011)

Swedish companies boost exports to Portugal with ESF help

Medicine without borders
Medicine without borders (11/04/2011)

Two ESF projects in Romania are helping boost the standard of medical care for all Romanians

Risk management goes transnational
Risk management goes transnational (01/04/2011)

With ESF support, a transnational university project will create new risk management specialists in Romania

A partnership for jobs
A partnership for jobs (09/02/2011)

Spanish, Italian and French partners launch a transnational project for a regional employment information system.

Business across the Baltic
Business across the Baltic (09/02/2011)

ESF supports Baltic Sea integration project.

Roma knowledge transfer
Roma knowledge transfer (01/02/2011)

Bulgaria is drawing on the experience of other countries in keeping Roma children at school

Lietuva ir Austrija skatins užimtumą bendradarbiaudamos
Lietuva ir Austrija skatins užimtumą bendradarbiaudamos (31/01/2011)

Tarpvalstybinis bendradarbiavimas užimtumo srityje

Wind of change in the countryside
Wind of change in the countryside (31/01/2011)

A transnational project in Romania is helping rural women build new skills with help from Spain

Working guests
Working guests (01/11/2010)

A German project is giving young people the chance to get work experience abroad

Danish-Polish recipe for success
Danish-Polish recipe for success (31/10/2010)

Co-operation between culinary schools in Poland and Denmark for better teaching and better chefs

Baltic best practice
Baltic best practice (02/09/2010)

An ESF-funded project in Estonia is building on the experiences of the other Baltic States to raise the performance of local administration

Fostering Czech foster care
Fostering Czech foster care (02/07/2010)

Two Member States share good practice

Masters to apprentices
Masters to apprentices (01/06/2010)

Greece follows Bulgaria in training voucher scheme