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Boosting entrepreneurship in Luxembourg
Boosting entrepreneurship in Luxembourg (19/05/2016)

Unemployed people create their own business thanks to ESF funds.

UK: Integrating people living with disabilities
UK: Integrating people living with disabilities (13/05/2016)

ESF-funded rural project success in Western Trust areas of Derry, Strabane and Omagh in Northern Ireland.

Going digital in Denmark
Going digital in Denmark (29/04/2016)

ESF funding to boost Danish SMEs’ digitalisation processes and e-commerce.

Making safer workplaces in Latvia
Making safer workplaces in Latvia (22/04/2016)

ESF funding will boost safety for workers in high-risk industries.

Smooth transition for building sector in France
Smooth transition for building sector in France (19/02/2016)

Facing difficult times, the French construction sector has found a solution to help safeguard jobs and manage business transitions.

Incentives for employing young people in Spain
Incentives for employing young people in Spain (29/01/2016)

Companies in Aragon are being offered financial incentives to stimulate youth employment in Spain.

Coaching entrepreneurship in Wallonia
Coaching entrepreneurship in Wallonia (15/01/2016)

An ESF-backed project helps unemployed people in Belgium to set up their own companies.

Business loans for beginners
Business loans for beginners (18/12/2015)

ESF backs low-interest loans for novice entrepreneurs to help small businesses grow and create jobs in Lithuania.

Better job prospects in the Czech Republic
Better job prospects in the Czech Republic (10/12/2015)

Recently concluded ESF-backed projects provided training and new opportunities for Czech jobseekers, graduates and workers.

Imprenditrici italiane creano start-up
Imprenditrici italiane creano start-up (19/11/2015)

Un progetto cofinanziato dall'FSE in Italia crea opportunità per la nascita di imprese nel settore della lana.

Supporting youth and innovation in Spain
Supporting youth and innovation in Spain (19/11/2015)

ESF-backed prize rewards innovative Spanish start-ups created by young entrepreneurs.

Go-getting graduates
Go-getting graduates (11/09/2015)

Greece is deploying ESF financial support to capitalise on the business potential of its highly-qualified young people.

Positive results for employment project in Spain
Positive results for employment project in Spain (02/04/2015)

The ESF-funded project Proeisol helped 250 jobseekers find employment in Badajoz, Spain, with 64% of project participants entering the healthcare sector.

Progetto di bioedilizia si conclude con successo
Progetto di bioedilizia si conclude con successo (19/03/2015)

Grazie al progetto «Green District» finanziato dall'FSE è stato possibile creare una rete per lo scambio di buone pratiche e competenze nel comparto edilizio della provincia di Prato.

Future-proofing farms
Future-proofing farms (12/03/2015)

Greece is offering farmers the latest know-how from agricultural innovation.

ESF helps bring business ideas to fruition
ESF helps bring business ideas to fruition (19/02/2015)

Thanks to the ESF-funded project ‘First business’, 38 small enterprises have set up shop in the city of Przemyśl and its environs in south-eastern Poland.

New push for growth and jobs
New push for growth and jobs (06/02/2015)

With ESF support the business development centre Væksthus Syddanmark will launch a new EUR 4 million initiative to further growth and job creation in the south of Denmark.

Continued microcredit support ensured
Continued microcredit support ensured (29/01/2015)

Microcredits will continue in the French department of Haute-Vienne after the association Aleas renewed its agreement with its partners.

Incentives to boost job creation
Incentives to boost job creation (22/01/2015)

Greece offers financial support to new businesses that take on jobseekers.

Self-employment opens up career opportunities for women
Self-employment opens up career opportunities for women (16/01/2015)

The part ESF-funded Business Support Programme for Women (PAEM) has offered entrepreneurial guidance to more than 2150 women in the Spanish city of Ciudad Real since its inception in 2000.

Eat, drink, empower!
Eat, drink, empower! (12/12/2014)

Thanks to an ESF-funded project, people with disabilities are opening a café in the Czech region of Carlsbad.

Getting business ideas to flourish
Getting business ideas to flourish (05/12/2014)

An ESF-funded project in Portugal helps unemployed people to start up their own business.

Giving start-ups a chance
Giving start-ups a chance (27/11/2014)

Entrepreneurs that struggle to secure loans from the bank can get microloans through an ESF-funded project in the Belgian city of Antwerp.

Skills to boost business
Skills to boost business (20/11/2014)

Birmingham SMEs can get free maths and English training for their employees.

Creating space for growth
Creating space for growth (24/10/2014)

An ESF-funded project seeks to create growth by offering courses to entrepreneurs in Denmark.

Women starting up
Women starting up (16/10/2014)

Motivating women to start their own business is the main objective of an ESF-funded project in the Czech Republic.

Active and qualified women
Active and qualified women (03/10/2014)

An ESF project will provide job training for 800 women in four different regions in Romania.

Investment in young people and new business
Investment in young people and new business (11/09/2014)

A six-month job placement for unemployed youth, and funding for start-up companies: an ESF co-funded job creation scheme in Wales sets an example for others.

Extra skills for success
Extra skills for success (28/08/2014)

A project in Northern Ireland is helping people acquire the extra skills they need to successfully set out on their chosen career paths.

Incubating ideas
Incubating ideas (01/08/2014)

In Paris the Agoranov incubator is helping turn R&D ideas into successful businesses

Social seed capital
Social seed capital (25/07/2014)

In Portugal, an ESF project to combat unemployment helps create 50 micro-businesses

School business
School business (25/07/2014)

In Slovenia, school students are getting the chance to acquire entrepreneurial skills through a new ESF project

Cost-effective job creation
Cost-effective job creation (26/06/2014)

ESF funding has helped to create new jobs in a business guidance project in Finland

Picking winners
Picking winners (26/06/2014)

ESF funding is encouraging the creation of innovative companies in Lithuania

Laboratori d’impresa
Laboratori d’impresa (04/04/2014)

La Regione Umbria offre una serie di opportunità a giovani aspiranti imprenditori nell’ambito dei “Creativity Camp” finanziati dall’FSE

Launching women entrepreneurs
Launching women entrepreneurs (21/03/2014)

Polish region launches project to help women entrepreneurs set up a business

Home-grown skills
Home-grown skills (07/03/2014)

Entrepreneurs in Latvia can get much-needed skilled personnel by training unemployed people themselves

Great ideas from the Great Plains
Great ideas from the Great Plains (27/02/2014)

Hungary is using ESF funding to support young entrepreneurs and their new start-ups

Energising entrepreneurs
Energising entrepreneurs (29/01/2014)

A Spanish region gives local entrepreneurship a boost with tailored advisory services on how to develop bright ideas

Financing women with ideas
Financing women with ideas (16/01/2014)

In Portugal, women entrepreneurs are getting the start-up finance to turn their business ideas into reality

Better businesswomen
Better businesswomen (19/12/2013)

In Sweden, a project for women entrepreneurs created 27 new jobs

Enhancing e-entrepreneurship
Enhancing e-entrepreneurship (29/11/2013)

Maltese SME owners and entrepreneurs complete a tailored ICT skills course to support their competitiveness

Master entrepreneurs
Master entrepreneurs (08/11/2013)

A transnational project on student entrepreneurship in Romania attracts 200 new students

Expertise on tap
Expertise on tap (25/10/2013)

In Poland, the ESF is making technical and scientific expertise available to companies that need it

Enterprise Estonia, Export Estonia
Enterprise Estonia, Export Estonia (18/10/2013)

A start-up day spurs Estonian enterprises to think big about exports

My Polish dream
My Polish dream (18/10/2013)

A new TV show in Poland highlights how ESF support helps young entrepreneurs to achieve their ambitions

Incubating dreams
Incubating dreams (20/09/2013)

An ESF incubator project in Sweden is helping young jobseekers realise their business ambitions

Skills for business success
Skills for business success (06/09/2013)

In France, would-be entrepreneurs are being offered all-round training in the skills they need to set up in business

Learning to stay in business
Learning to stay in business (22/08/2013)

Denmark is educating its entrepreneurs to reduce bankruptcies and ensure success

Workshops that work
Workshops that work (09/07/2013)

In Spain, young people prepare to start their own business after an ESF workshop on entrepreneurship

Revitalising opportunities
Revitalising opportunities (03/07/2013)

New programme on economic revitalisation and business creation for the unemployed in Spain

Lending for lift-off
Lending for lift-off (21/06/2013)

A microfinance initiative in Brussels is expanding its operations to reach small entrepreneurs and start-ups

Up to 10 000 new youth jobs for Scotland
Up to 10 000 new youth jobs for Scotland (13/06/2013)

Almost £90 million is to be invested in helping Scotland’s young people into work and supporting small business growth.

Climate change at work
Climate change at work (23/05/2013)

The ESF in Cornwall is supporting research into business responses to climate change

Healthier workers and workplaces
Healthier workers and workplaces (24/04/2013)

The ESF in Estonia is helping SMEs to make work environments healthier and safer

Five-year plan, Irish style
Five-year plan, Irish style (16/04/2013)

In Ireland 60 female entrepreneurs plan massive growth in turnover, employment and exports in five years

Focused help for SMEs
Focused help for SMEs (04/04/2013)

Hundreds of Greek SMEs are getting free business consulting services to help them improve performance in difficult times

Exporting skills
Exporting skills (12/03/2013)

Greek managers are getting lessons in ‘extroversion’ and how to increase their exports in ESF-supported seminars

Competitive business advice
Competitive business advice (28/02/2013)

SMEs and women entrepreneurs in southern Poland can access free consulting to boost their competitiveness

Suggerimenti per la transizione
Suggerimenti per la transizione (23/01/2013)

L’FSE finanzia un corso per la gestione del ricambio generazionale nelle piccole imprese

Train to Gain in Spain
Train to Gain in Spain (12/12/2012)

In Spain young business students are being encouraged to set up for themselves as commercial agents

Un premio alla buona imprenditoria
Un premio alla buona imprenditoria (12/12/2012)

Ancona ha ospitato l'evento conclusivo della sesta edizione del "Premio Valore Lavoro"

Focus on farming
Focus on farming (12/12/2012)

The ESF supports discussions on small-scale farming opportunities and practices in southern France

Nurturing student entrepreneurs
Nurturing student entrepreneurs (29/11/2012)

In Denmark a new ‘Growth House’ is opening its doors to students ideas

Train in Spain
Train in Spain (26/09/2012)

The ESF is supporting training courses in Andalusia to help boost the regional aerospace industry

Silver start-ups
Silver start-ups (21/09/2012)

In the French Indre region, the ESF is helping older jobseekers to set up in business for themselves

Attracting highly-educated staff
Attracting highly-educated staff (04/05/2012)

A new ESF project aims to attract and retain brain power to meet demand in southern Denmark

Spain supports senior entrepreneurs
Spain supports senior entrepreneurs (02/05/2012)

A ESF project is helping at-risk older workers use information technologies to run their own businesses

Successful micro-credit  for successful micro-businesses
Successful micro-credit for successful micro-businesses (16/04/2012)

In Germany, ESF funding is helping women and immigrant entrepreneurs to get access to loans and support jobs

Turning good ideas into good business
Turning good ideas into good business (23/03/2012)

Poland is supporting the setting up of spin-off companies with tailored training to match promising ideas

A bank lending kit
A bank lending kit (29/02/2012)

In France, an ESF-supported network is helping young entrepreneurs get bank loans more easily

Preserving special theatres
Preserving special theatres (23/02/2012)

Several small theatres in the Netherlands are studying cost-saving measures through shared facilities

Going for Growth
Going for Growth (03/02/2012)

Denmark is boosting the role of its ‘Growth Houses’ to support student entrepreneurs

Greece supports self-starters and jobs
Greece supports self-starters and jobs (02/12/2011)

Greece launches a programme to help new entrepreneurs and businesses progress in a time of crisis

Raising the Tempo on working conditions
Raising the Tempo on working conditions (28/10/2011)

A nationwide ESF project is helping companies in France to improve working conditions

Bordeaux rewards young entrepreneurs
Bordeaux rewards young entrepreneurs (24/10/2011)

In Bordeaux, the ESF is supporting awards for young business leaders from depressed urban areas

Women’s Enterprise Day in Ireland
Women’s Enterprise Day in Ireland (24/10/2011)

An Irish conference is celebrating women in business with ESF support

Business support for immigrants in Denmark
Business support for immigrants in Denmark (23/09/2011)

The ESF in Denmark is helping entrepreneurial immigrants navigate the system

Saxony supports innovation wizardry
Saxony supports innovation wizardry (19/09/2011)

An ESF project in Germany is offering young graduates the chance to help boost local companies competitiveness

Islands of entrepreneurship
Islands of entrepreneurship (19/09/2011)

The ESF is supporting a mini-master’s in management for business executives in the Portuguese Azores

Greener olives in Spain
Greener olives in Spain (29/08/2011)

A Spanish ESF project is supporting greener olive production

Supporting shopkeepers in Sweden
Supporting shopkeepers in Sweden (25/08/2011)

A ESF project in Sweden is helping local shopkeepers become better business (wo)men

Estonia boosts manufacturing
Estonia boosts manufacturing (25/08/2011)

A new ESF-funded consulting programme for industrial enterprises is boosting productivity in Estonia

Incentivi per le microimprese
Incentivi per le microimprese (07/08/2011)

La provincia di Lucca aiuta 14 nuove imprese grazie al sostegno dell’FSE

Boosting Swedish trade
Boosting Swedish trade (01/08/2011)

Swedish companies boost exports to Portugal with ESF help

Low-fat chocolate in Budapest
Low-fat chocolate in Budapest (27/04/2011)

A Hungarian chocolate manufacturer is instilling lean manufacturing skills to combat the economic crisis

Boot camp for would-be entrepreneurs
Boot camp for would-be entrepreneurs (27/04/2011)

French business-advice organisations are helping budding entrepreneurs to survive the first difficult years

Liverpool launches jobs initiative
Liverpool launches jobs initiative (04/04/2011)

In the UK, the ESF co-funds new schemes to get 'Liverpool in Work'

Guidance for entrepreneurs
Guidance for entrepreneurs (21/03/2011)

Budding business owners in Belgium are getting a helping hand

Sweden supports small businesses
Sweden supports small businesses (09/03/2011)

A Swedish ESF project is supporting small enterprises, in particular those run by women and immigrants

Subscribe Microfinance in Germany
Subscribe Microfinance in Germany (17/02/2011)

Germany is using ESF support in a microcredit scheme aimed at small entrepreneurs and young people in the creative and cultural sectors.

Cyprus supports better business
Cyprus supports better business (15/02/2011)

An ESF project in Cyprus aims to build business skills among the island’s SMEs.

Innovation management in SMEs
Innovation management in SMEs (14/02/2011)

The German city of Magdeburg is helping its SMEs acquire valuable innovation skills.

Business across the Baltic
Business across the Baltic (09/02/2011)

ESF supports Baltic Sea integration project.

Training in Transylvania
Training in Transylvania (01/02/2011)

Romania is using ESF funds to encourage entrepreneurship in three regions and among its Hungarian minority

 Denmark’s factory for the future
Denmark’s factory for the future (31/01/2011)

The European Social Fund supports an entrepreneurship project in Funen, Denmark

Nappy Happy
Nappy Happy (31/01/2011)

A French female green entrepreneur is leading the fight against disposable nappies

Green works!
Green works! (31/01/2011)

An Irish ESF programme is encouraging green entrepreneurship

Supporting start-ups
Supporting start-ups (01/01/2011)

A new business accelerator is helping IT entrepreneurs in Paris to take their first steps

Resolutely Green
Resolutely Green (01/01/2011)

An ESF project in Cornwall is helping businesses and their employees adapt to the low-carbon economy

Adding value in Andalusia
Adding value in Andalusia (31/12/2010)

ESF funding is helping Spanish sheep breeders convert to organic methods to improve rural livelihoods

Kick- starting the creative economy
Kick- starting the creative economy (02/12/2010)

A new Estonian programme is bringing artists and business people together to support a new, creative economy

Black Forest business skills
Black Forest business skills (01/12/2010)

Students and trainees in Germany got the chance to compete using their business skills

The art of success
The art of success (30/11/2010)

An ESF project is preparing artists to kick-start Danish businesses

Womentrepreneurs wanted
Womentrepreneurs wanted (03/11/2010)

In Ireland, ambitious women-entrepreneurs are getting the opportunity to take their businesses forward

Azores fights exclusion
Azores fights exclusion (31/10/2010)

A co-operative in the Azores is supporting entrepreneurship and equal opportunities among women

Building better businesses
Building better businesses (02/10/2010)

Estonia is repeating a successful business mentoring programme for start-up entrepreneurs with ESF help

Experts for export
Experts for export (01/10/2010)

A Portuguese ESF project places young experts in SMEs to help build their export trade performance

Smart Exporter
Smart Exporter (02/09/2010)

A new programme in Scotland aims to raise the export performance of its companies

Boost for youth employment
Boost for youth employment (02/07/2010)

Madrid Community invests more than €1 million

ESF Finland on track
ESF Finland on track (30/06/2010)

Monitoring committee finds the Finnish ESF programme to be on track

Spain trains for gain
Spain trains for gain (30/06/2010)

Spain launches a platform for further training to strengthen its entrepreneurs

A bridge between science and business
A bridge between science and business (02/06/2010)

Building scientists’ entrepreneurial skills in Lithuania

Microcredito per donne e giovani in Sardegna
Microcredito per donne e giovani in Sardegna (02/06/2010)

Prestiti accessibili per le neoimprese

Expanding local businesses
Expanding local businesses (02/06/2010)

Spanish project boosts spirit of enterprise

Microfinancing pilot project
Microfinancing pilot project (01/06/2010)

Leipzig entrepreneur wins first micro-credit investment

Mentoring managers
Mentoring managers (31/05/2010)

Scotland is giving a helping hand to new business owners through a new mentoring scheme

Lending for ladybirds
Lending for ladybirds (31/05/2010)

Latvian microcredit project for entrepreneurs passes the 1 million lat mark

Polish boost to recovery
Polish boost to recovery (01/05/2010)

Warsaw Foundation Europe 2004 informs entrepreneurs about the benefits of anti-crisis package

Hungary launches advisory network
Hungary launches advisory network (01/05/2010)

Free information available for SMEs and start-ups

Lipstick and money
Lipstick and money (30/04/2010)

An ESF project in Belfast is giving local women a taste for entrepreneurship

Next-generation entrepreneurs
Next-generation entrepreneurs (30/04/2010)

Denmark deploys €4.8 million for a new entrepreneurship project