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New opportunities for university dropouts
New opportunities for university dropouts (29/01/2015)

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research has launched a new round of part ESF-funded projects to spark university dropouts' interest in apprenticeships and vocational training.

New opportunities, new jobs
New opportunities, new jobs (19/12/2014)

Thanks to an ESF-backed project, some 3000 unemployed people in Lithuania can benefit from free training to qualify for professions currently in demand.

Professional diving in La Réunion
Professional diving in La Réunion (05/12/2014)

Six young SCUBA divers were hired to work on the construction of a new coastal road on the French island of Réunion. Their training was financed by the ESF.

Skills to boost business
Skills to boost business (20/11/2014)

Birmingham SMEs can get free maths and English training for their employees.

Matching jobs with people
Matching jobs with people (31/10/2014)

In the Dutch region of Drechtsteden, young people are guided in their career choices by professional “matchmakers”.