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Az ESZA-val kapcsolatos hírek

Mightier Aphrodite


The ESF in Cyprus is investing in capacity building in its municipal and community leaders

Educating and developing management and leadership in local government is the aim of a new initiative in Cyprus. Managed by the Cypriot Academy for Public Administration with support from the country’s municipalities and communities, the ESF co-funded project aims to equip local leaders and workforces with the management, financial and technology skills they need to perform their jobs and help their constituents and citizens.

“Among other important areas, participants will be helped to improve their productivity and effectiveness in dealing with whatever problems citizens are facing,” explained Panayiotis Damianou, Secretary of the Union of Cypriot Communities. As part of the programme, mayors and municipal officers will get the chance to see examples of good practice in local government abroad; in this case in the Greek city of Thessaloniki, where the organisation of anti-mosquito programmes might be transferable to Cyprus, along with waste recycling programmes and the promotion of local aquaculture.