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Normandy offers a second chance to early school leavers

School drop-outs are the target of an ESF initiative in the Upper Normandy region in France which is offering ‘Access to qualifications contracts’ to early school leavers. The principle is simple: local project partners identify young people who have given up their studies and might benefit from help. With their agreement, a local training provider is brought in to encourage and motivate them and help them recover lost ground. Then they are left to continue their studies at school or in a training programme.

In 2012, a thousand such contracts were issued, and the plan is for a thousand more in 2013. The figures from the small Yvetot commune demonstrate the initiative’s success: of the 15 participants who have attended the local Centre for Professional Training (CFPPA) so far, 10 have chosen to pick up their studies again and are preparing for the coming semester.