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Az ESZA-val kapcsolatos hírek

Backing up the young


In Vienna, young apprentices are getting counselling and support to change their training programmes to avoid them dropping out

In Austria, in 2011, some 16 000 young apprentice trainees did not turn up for their final exams – almost one-fifth of all apprenticeships. Even worse, a further 22 000 dropped out of their apprenticeship before reaching the exams. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as poor career guidance or simply making the wrong choice. For this reason the ‘Back-Up’ project in Vienna is using ESF funding to remedy the situation. Consultants work closely with young people and training institutions to identify problems early on. Individual situations are analysed, and joint actions are agreed and implemented – which can involve a change of apprenticeship. While parents and teachers can get involved, the service can also be anonymous for the young trainees. And as well as counselling, they are directed to online help, such as the ‘Apprentice Selfcheck’ interactive tool. The aim of the Back-Up project is to reduce the number of young people dropping out of their apprenticeships and to ensure they get the qualifications they need for the careers they want.