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Az ESZA-val kapcsolatos hírek

Breaking glass ceilings


In Germany, Uni-Heilbronn launches an ESF cross-mentoring programme for female students to boost their top-job prospects

In Baden-Württemberg, the University of Heilbronn has launched the WoMent@HHN career development programme to support to its female students. Under the ‘cross-mentoring’ programme, industrial mentors are matched with female students facing their first career choices. At regular meetings over a year, mentees will benefit from their mentor’s experience, make useful industrial contacts and gain insights into working life. In addition, workshops, training courses and networking events are planned. The driver for this project is the fact that while women represent nearly 48% of higher education students, they occupy only 22% of management positions in industry – and WoMent@HHN aims to help reverse this and open doors to the top for highly trained women.