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Az ESZA-val kapcsolatos hírek

Win-win work solutions for women


An ESF-funded campaign in Malta is challenging stereotypes and encouraging more women to join the workforce

As part of its Europe 2020 commitments, Malta aims to raise the overall employment rate to 62.9%. This relatively low target reflects the low employment rate for women in Malta, which is only 40.6%, compared to more than 72% for men – well over the EU average (2011 figures). To help more women into work, Malta has launched the NISTA social marketing campaign to raise awareness about the benefits of better balancing both family and work responsibilities. NISTA is challenging traditional gender stereotypes and uses TV and radio spots to encourage women back to work and tell them where help is available. The aim is then to channel participants into a variety of training programmes to help improve their job prospects. At the same time, NISTA is encouraging win-win situations with employers by supporting flexible working practices.