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Bigger is better


A Swedish municipality shows that size is important when attacking youth unemployment

A year ago, Bräcke municipality in Sweden had the highest youth unemployment of all the municipalities in the province of Jämtland. Today, through an ESF project aimed at getting more people into work, the municipality has recorded the largest fall in the number of unemployed youths in the county.

The project gives more time to working with job-seekers using coaching, health and social training – in fact, anything that gives a better foundation to build on, explains Peppe Liljefjäll, Head of Social Services in Bräcke. The comparative success of the project he ascribes to its large size in relation to the local population, with some 50 to 60 participants, compared to, for example, 15 elsewhere.

Linus Nilsson and Andreas Molin are two young people who took part and went on to start their own business. “Last winter, this was almost the only way to get a job. We thought it was now or never,” says Nilsson.