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Made to measure in Flanders


In Belgium, young unqualified job-seekers are being helped to ‘acclimatise’ to work opportunities

Young people with few or no qualifications can find it very difficult to even be considered for job opportunities, especially during the current crisis. With this in mind, 11 Flemish cities are using ESF support to launch ‘work acclimatisation’ projects to give these young job-seekers a helping hand with approaching and entering the jobs market. Each project is customised, employing varying mixes of formal training, short courses and company internships. “Each project is in fact an individual support plan lasting 12 to 18 months depending on the local situation,” explains Philippe Muyters, the Flemish Minister for Work. Each year, Flanders is aiming to help 1275 young, unqualified job-seekers to find suitable work with these projects.