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‘Linking In’ in Ireland
‘Linking In’ in Ireland (25/07/2014)

A new service in Ireland is helping workers return to work after absence caused by illness

Recycling IT equipment as job training
Recycling IT equipment as job training (18/07/2014)

In the Spanish Canary Island of Tenerife, an ESF co-funded project collects and fixes broken computers

Croatia boosts employment services
Croatia boosts employment services (18/07/2014)

An ESF project in Croatia aims to modernise employment services to help jobseekers

Selling skills
Selling skills (18/07/2014)

A practical training course in Belgium has given jobseekers a set of saleable skills

Bankable skills
Bankable skills (11/07/2014)

An ESF project in the UK is helping jobseekers to invest in a personal skills portfolio