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Motivated for career moves


The Second Chance project in Germany is offering those who need it the opportunity to retrain for new professions and careers

"I'm glad I got a place," says Liza Berger. The 23-year-old has a young son and had to give up her full-time job in sales a month ago to look after him. The single parent is now working hard to get new qualifications in nursing and childcare. Thorsten Sauer is also positive, originally a mason in the construction sector his bad back now means he is looking to retrain for the commercial world or an office job. Both Liza and Thorsten are benefiting from the Second Chance project running in the Alzey-Worms district in the German Rhineland region.

The project is managed by the Christian Youth Organisation of Germany with ESF support and is aimed at young adults who need to make a career change. It offers training and advice in new skills followed by in-company work experience. Project Manager Evelyn Reuße-Weber has nothing but praise for the 22 participants: "They are all highly motivated," she says.