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In Sweden, an ESF project is helping job-seekers set their own goals and then achieve them

“My goal is to find a job and preferably in an area I’m interested in … my dream job is truck driver,” says Anders Johansson, a participant in the ‘Take Possession of Your Future’ project. Setting goals and then working to achieve them is at the heart of the project which is run by the public employment authorities in 14 municipalities and four counties in East-central Sweden.

“The goal of the project is to find some form of employment for these people; it can be work, work experience or training,” says project manager Sari Kunnari. Attitude, trust and taking people’s aspirations seriously define the project approach, but it is also about setting goals and getting results through action, as she explains. The organisers aim to take on 1800 job-seekers and expect 75% to go on to support themselves.