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A full set of skills


Romanian counties are boosting employment in the tourism sector with ESF co-funded training for job-seekers

In 2010, four Romanian county employment agencies (in Olt, Bihor, Călăraşi and Harghita) joined forces in an ESF project called ‘Pathways for Training and Employment in Alternative Tourism – Alter Tour’. The project is now over and a conference held in Bihor County summed up the successful outcomes.

The project targeted unemployed people from both rural and urban environments. They were offered free training courses designed to give them a full set of skills needed for jobs such as bed & breakfast administrator, hotel worker, rural tourism worker, and tour guide.

From Bihor County alone, 163 people attended these courses. Also as part of the project, 510 unemployed people in the county were helped to apply for jobs and introduced to potential employers, while an additional 323 benefited from counselling. Attendance was boosted through monthly financial support for those trainees not receiving unemployment benefit.