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Implementing European Structural and Investment Funds 2014-2020


The summary report of the programme annual implementation reports covering implementation in 2014-2017, provides an overview of the implementation of more than 530 shared management programmes.

It summarises available performance information covering implementation from 2014-2017.

During these first years of implementation, the European Structural and Investments (ESI) funds programmes has invested €405 billion in the EU economy since 2014.

Over €172 billion of these are planned for employment, social inclusion and education particularly from the ESF.

The ESF and YEI programmes have already delivered the following achievements:

  • 15.3 million participants supported, including 7.9 million unemployed and 4.9 million inactive participants;
  • 2.8 million long-term unemployed participants supported;
  • amongst all participants 1.4 million were in employment, 1.9 million have gained a qualification and 870 000 participants were in education or training thanks to ESF or YEI support.

Among these participants, those with low skills represent 46% participants; 16% were migrants, had a foreign background or were from minorities (including marginalised communities such as the Roma).

The doubling of the number of ESF and YEI participants since end-2016 indicates a sharp acceleration in the implementation of projects on the ground.

To learn more about the European Structural and Investments funds and its links to ESF, please find the summary report in our publications page.