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#investEU Launches TV Advertisements in France, including ESF success stories


A main priority of the Junker Commission is to put Europe back on the road to growth and jobs.

To do this, the Investment Plan for Europe was launched. The investEU campaign tells the stories behind EU support that got projects off the ground, contributes to more jobs, better education, modernised healthcare and transport infrastructure, greener energy and modern technology, everywhere in Europe.

During September and October 2018, investEU was on primetime television in France. Thanks to a collaboration with FranceTV, almost 20 million French viewers tuned in to discover what the EU is doing for their country.

The adverts were showcased during primetime and were available to view on France TV’s digital platforms. The campaign featured a range of themes, companies, places and people who have all benefitted from EU funding. The success stories ranged from cheese producers in the Juras to the caves at Lascaux.  

Watch how ESF and Europe is working for training and social inclusion by supporting neighborhood associations that help young people to enter the labor market.

Find out more about the campaign and watch all the videos on the French Representation’s YouTube channel.