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EU Protects: Supporting Europe's Ordinary Heroes, Including ESF and FEAD


The EU protects campaign tells real life stories of people who work for, or are supported by the EU, including ESF and FEAD and whose job it is to keep us all safe.

They protect citizens against a wide range of today’s biggest global challenges.Caring for all areas of safety, health, environment and society, it is the work of our ordinary heroes across Europe that make the campaign the huge success it is today.

Our safety, health, environment and society

Safety: With fundamental challenges facing society, including terrorism, human trafficking and cybercrime to name a few, it is reassuring that there are people out there working with us to provide the solutions. Thanks to the EU, police and customs officers from different countries can share information and work together across borders to combat such issues. Learn more about the ordinary heroes who have helped to keep us safe.

Health: There are heroes across Europe working around the clock to make sure the people you love stay healthy. Thanks to cutting-edge scientific developments, we’re living longer and staying healthier. However, there will always be a need to protect ourselves from hazards, such as unsafe toys to life-threatening diseases and hazardous chemicals. Our ordinary heroes do just that and these are their stories.

Environment: The EU is setting the pace for international action to tackle climate change, protect endangered species, save the forests and reduce the air and water pollution that is hurting our planet more than ever before. The EU is taking real action to support the ordinary heroes who are fighting for our environment, from natural preservation to defending the public from disasters. These are the heroes who are protecting us from today’s dangers and tomorrow’s risks.

Society: As a society, we should promote solidarity, the EU is working to redress social inequality and establish a level playing field. From supporting the hard-working businesses in your neighbourhood, looking after your life savings, to making sure that large companies pay their fair share of tax and fighting other negative effects of globalisation, discover how the EU makes it possible for ordinary heroes to safeguard the things that matter the most to you.

Meet Europe's heroes

Everyday the EU strives to deliver support to these local heroes whilst helping them to deliver protection and cooperate effectively across borders.

Andriana Sukova Bulgarian, Employment, social affairs & inclusion department, European Commission uses EU funding to help in the fight against poverty. From constructing day-care centres for children, so parents can get back to work, to organising skill-development training across different sectors and countries, the funding is utilised to improve the livelihoods of families across Europe. Working closely with member states, everything from shelter and clothing, to nourishment for children in Europe’s poorest neighbourhoods is provided for.

Marie Cronin, The Society of Saint Vincent De Paul volunteer, is in charge of a disadvantaged area of Dublin. During her 30 years of volunteering she noticed that the families visited often have issues due to poor diet. FoodCloud Hubs are a foodbank that respond to the dietary needs of the community, supplying 150 families with food packages every week as well as setting up cookery and nutrition courses for parents. “Through FoodCloud, our charity is able to do our job better.”

Eirini Kasimati, ARCHELON, Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece, Eirini is part of the EU LIFE Euroturtles project. The aim of which is to raise awareness and improve conservation status of sea turtles in countries including Cyprus, Greece and Italy. Her main responsibility is to coordinate the transport of injured turtles to the rescue centre.

Find your local heroes

Heroes are closer than you think. If you would like to know more about the work of ordinary heroes in your area, why not visit our map.