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ESF projects to be proposed for the 30 years COHESION campaigns


Méditerranéen Road trip for 30 years cohésion.

After several days in Greece and through the Western Balkans Countries, Louis and Luisa are now in Croatia.

Among other visits they will meet a carob farmer on the island of Vis. This farmer received support from EKOBIZ (ESF project).

In the Middle East and the Mediterranean the pod and the seeds have been used for food for thousands of years. Nebojša Božanić is an organic farmer on a little island. He got support to develop its activity and even got an award for his products.

100 young farmers like Nebojsa were able to start organic farms in the region. They benefited from an EU funded project called EKOBIZ, providing training in agronomy and organic farming, business advice, grants to invest in equipment and seeds, promotional support for the products at a regional organic fair Eko Fjera.