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More women in adult education


In Denmark, the ESF is supporting an increase in skill levels among female workers

More and more women in Denmark are completing adult education courses – some 305 000 in 2012 compared to 220 000 in 2004. Such courses are available across the country – often with ESF co-funding – and their aim is to build the skills that will promote innovation, growth and jobs.As an example, in the Danish town of Tønder, the Hydro Aluminium company is seeing significant interest from female employees. “I think women are increasingly focusing on the possibilities in further education,” explains Katrine Poulsen, HR manager at Hydro Aluminium. “Working in an industrial company like ours, they already know that women can manage technical jobs.” Overall, Denmark is experiencing a general trend to more highly qualified female workers, observes Professor Bent Grave of Roskilde University, which he believes will help cope with future challenges in the jobs market.