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Result of ESF support: 5 years later


The ESF invests in people. Brigitte and Carlos are representative of the European Social Fund. With two very different paths, they have one thing in common. Both have benefited from the support of the ESF to achieve their professional objectives.

Brigitte, France

Brigitte received support from the European Social Fund around 5 years ago. With this support she was allowed to work in a field which she was passionate about and retrained as a healthcare assistant. Since receiving support Brigitte has been able to build her skill set and develop within the same role. Watch her video to learn how ESF funding has helped Brigitte transform her life professionally and socially.

Carlos, Spain 

After struggling with difficult economic odds in Spain, the ESF helped Carlos Jimenez Criado follow his passion to work in cancer research and finish his PhD. Over the last 5 years Carlos built up his skills and now works as a biology teacher. ESF funding has helped Carlos build a gratifying career and to inspire others. Learn more about his story below.