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Brixton prison bakery to expand


Bakers preparing bread
© Istock / 4x6

The ESF-funded Bad Boys’ Bakery in Brixton Prison (London) may soon double its inmate workforce, the BBC reports.

Currently, the bakery trains up to 20 inmates at a time as bakers. The project also helps them find work once they have been released from prison.

“The next thing we are looking at is some kind of double shift system. So, instead of up to 20 people working in there at any one time, maybe you could have 40 people working there on two shifts,” Brixton Prison governor Ed Tullet told the BBC.

The Bad Boys’ Bakery, originally set up by TV-chef Gordon Ramsay for a TV series, received the UK’s ESF national project award in 2014.

The statistics underscore the project’s success: while about 47% of ex-offenders in the UK lapse back into crime within the first year after their release, only 3% of former Bad Boy bakers reoffend in the same time frame.