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A recipe for Roma integration


Chefs working in a restaurant
© Istock / beijingstory

With ESF support the first Roma restaurant opens in Slovenia

The annual International Romani Day (8 April) saw a significant event in Maribor, Slovenia – the opening of the first Roma restaurant in the country, called Romani Kafenava. The social entrepreneurship project received €300 000 of start-up financing from the ESF and the Slovenian Ministry of Labour and is offering jobs to 15 local Roma.

Because of some local opposition the project received extra media attention. Indeed the British BBC TV channel suggested the initiative could be a cultural breakthrough, perhaps leading to a chain of such restaurants which could help build bonds with local communities and help social integration. Fatmir Bećiri, the president of the Roma society, Romani Pralipe, said that new jobs mean a lot to Roma who want to work but are unemployed because of prejudice.