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The ‘right stuff’ training


Trainer shaking hands with a student
© Istock/Geber86

In France a creative approach is helping jobseekers build their self-confidence

For three years the ‘Three hats company’ has been offering creative training opportunities to jobseekers – helping them gain self-confidence in their approach to finding work. With ESF support, the company organises performances, training sessions and group workshops. Participation begins with an information session, “To take part, you must really want to,” explains Virginie Porteboeuf of ‘Three hats’.

To get people involved there are individual presentations, collective ‘reflection sessions’ and communication exercises. An example is the ‘blind walking exercise’ where participants learn to rely on others. The latest intake to the course numbered 21 people who, after an individual orientation interview will complete eight days of training. Over three years, the company has held six such confidence-building courses for more than 100 people. “Few drop out,” says Porteboeuf, “Many participants have found the self-confidence and motivation to go on and stick to a formal training course.”