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More and better apprenticeships conference


Flags outside the European Commission
© Istockphoto/ Sven Hoppe

A conference held in Brussels for employment experts puts youth employment and apprenticeships in the spotlight

The importance of good-quality apprenticeships and traineeships in the transition from education to work and for implementing the Youth Guarantee was the main focus of a conference hosted by László Andor, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, in Brussels on 5-6 June.

The participants included 150 employment, training and education experts from 27 EU Member States and Croatia, representing national authorities, in particular those managing ESF, as well as public and private employment services, social partners and civil society. Participants considered how EU funds can be used to help develop new schemes or improve existing ones, and what makes a traineeship or apprenticeship scheme successful.

The event provided an opportunity for stakeholders to refine their next actions in country-specific advice sessions, and they were also introduced to the European Commission’s new helpdesk on apprenticeship and traineeship schemes. The conference also marked an important milestone in the roadmap towards establishing the European Alliance for Apprenticeships, which will be launched on 2 July 2013 and is part of the Youth Employment Package.