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Special kids with special needs


Parent teacher conference including special needs student
© Istockphoto/ Stephanie Horrocks

With ESF funding the Nadezhda Association in Bulgaria is helping children with special educational needs stay on at school

In March the Bulgarian ESF project ‘Integration without borders’ held a training seminar in the village of Arbanasi, during which teachers and parents exchanged experiences on the challenges facing children with special educational needs. Sadly, some 60% of these children drop out of school early, severely threatening their chances for employment and social inclusion. This is why the ‘Integration without Borders’ project is offering these children the support they need to stay on at school. The project involves 99 children with different disabilities – including physical handicaps, learning difficulties and speech disorders – together with their parents and 41 teachers. It has been operating in 6 primary and secondary schools in Bulgaria since September 2012, offering extracurricular activities and various clubs which benefit not only the children, but also their own teachers who gain valuable insights into how the children can be encouraged and taught without resorting to specialists. The project will end with a mountain summer camp in 2013.