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Skills that reach thousands


Training  outdoors. Trainee making notes. Learning for mechanic
© Istockphoto | File #: 17620279 | 09-02-11 © Bart Coenders

In Austria, an ESF project is equipping workers at risk of redundancy with new and marketable skills

In the Austrian town of Krems, close on 500 employees at Chemserv GmbH have completed a popular training project, made possible by the Public Employment Service (AMS). Indeed, it has been so successful that a second wave of trainees from other companies is now under way."This is a scheme from which everyone stands to gain – it saves a lot of money and less-skilled employees who are at risk of redundancy gain more security," explains Karl Fakler, Head of AMS Lower Austria, And another advantage was that the training took place on company premises, thus saving time-consuming journeys. All this meant that participation was not the usual 70 to 80%, but the whole 100% of the target group. The project is co-financed by the ESF, AMS and the Krems Business Council. Nationally, similar projects are under way to reach over 10 000 people.