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Making a splash in Guadeloupe


Woman hugs boy  in swimming pool.
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A school has been recognised for its ESF project in a Caribbean French overseas territory.

‘I throw myself into water’ has been awarded first prize for the second consecutive year. The project is run by the Collège Joseph-Pitat, a school in Guadeloupe.

The project benefits 58 students between the third and sixth grade who have difficulties understanding simple messages. The majority of the students have cognitive disorders, and some also have a tough time reading.

The project aims to help them overcome these issues through artistic activities and swimming classes that also teach the students how to rescue others. The students are encouraged to explore complex concepts such as the European Union and biodiversity.  It is hoped that these activities will stimulate more academic ambition.

The prize was awarded by the Academy of Guadeloupe for projects which have been financed by the European Social Fund (ESF).