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The ESF in the news

New funding, new programmes
New funding, new programmes (02/10/2015)

Cyprus gets funding for new programmes for the long-term unemployed.

ESF programme for Cyprus adopted
ESF programme for Cyprus adopted (25/02/2015)

Investments will help Cyprus address challenges like high unemployment, in particular among youth, and social exclusion

Better services for citizens
Better services for citizens (29/01/2015)

Cyprus is improving the capacity of its public administration with the help of ESF funding.

Jobs for the young
Jobs for the young (16/10/2014)

In Cyprus, unemployed young people can benefit from an ESF-funded work placement scheme.

Partnership agreement with Cyprus adopted
Partnership agreement with Cyprus adopted (20/06/2014)

On 20 June 2014, the Commission adopted the Partnership Agreement with Cyprus, paving the way for almost €130 million (current prices) in European Social Fund (ESF) funding in the next seven years.

Extending opportunities to youth
Extending opportunities to youth (27/02/2014)

Cyprus launches a jobs initiative to give 5000 graduates and young jobseekers valuable work experience

Mightier Aphrodite
Mightier Aphrodite (14/02/2014)

The ESF in Cyprus is investing in capacity building in its municipal and community leaders

New measures for improving cohesion policy delivery
New measures for improving cohesion policy delivery (21/05/2013)

The Commission has proposed today that the agreement on an increased EU-share for investments in Greece, Cyprus and Portugal would be prolonged for another two years, and that Romania and Slovakia would be given more time to spend cohesion funds.

Building a better business
Building a better business (28/09/2012)

Cypriot architects use ESF funding to boost employee productivity

Cyprus improves tourism skills
Cyprus improves tourism skills (09/09/2011)

In Cyprus, ESF funding is helping boost skills in the tourism sector by offering training in the off-season periods

Cyprus supports better business
Cyprus supports better business (15/02/2011)

An ESF project in Cyprus aims to build business skills among the island’s SMEs.