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Το ΕΚΤ στις ειδήσεις

Revamping public services in Slovakia


A series of nationwide projects focussed on improving public administration will be implemented in Slovakia.

The ‘Efficient Public Administration’ programme is worth EUR 117.2 million. Twelve projects and six demand-driven calls will be rolled out in the near future.

These projects are aimed at building a more friendly and efficient administration that addresses the needs of citizens in a timely fashion. These new projects are seen as crucial to administrative reform. One project will streamline communications between citizens and authorities. Another focusses on providing prompter access to legal aid. The demand-driven calls will be based on finding partnerships with NGOs, who are invited to present their proposals to create good public policies.

The programme is financed by the European Social Fund. A ‘reform intent’ document will be made available to the public for each project. It is hoped this will promote greater transparency and more efficient use of EU funds.