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Linking people and companies in Slovenia with ESF


Two Slovenian projects funded by the ESF are bringing together people and employers. Stories from people behind the projects are detailed below.

Benefiting students and companies with creative innovations

The ‘Creative Path to Knowledge’ project is helping students gain work experience and career connections, by developing innovative solutions.

Funding from the ESF has provided the project with resources, enabling them to guide students with pedagogical and professional mentors in their chosen research field.

Students from the University of Maribor had the opportunity to work alongside the company Špica, in testing innovative smart glasses. After testing the smart glasses, the students were asked to pinpoint issues and find solutions. Their research was a huge benefit to the company, which also helped those involved by showing them to be promising employment candidates.

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Learning while you work with the 'On-the-Job-Training' project

Jobseekers in Celje, Slovenia are finding employment and training thanks to the ‘On-the-Job Training’ project.

The aim of the project is to benefit both jobseekers and employers by providing work experience and training to the participant. Jobseekers are given the chance to work directly with employers in the workplace, giving them the opportunity to apply their training practically within a role.

After spending a long period unemployed, jobseeker Tjaša was able to secure a new career thanks to the project. She was able to prove her skills in a chosen profession, and was then rewarded with a recommendation letter from the programme mentor, ‘participation in the programme undoubtedly helped me shine’.

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