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ESF in Latvia: Creating a friendly environment for people with mental health disorders


One of the biggest challenges faced by Europeans is finding a job that is in accordance with their skills and without any discrimination.

The EU works to help tackle this pressing issue. Read on for success story to learn more about an inspiring project.

In Latvia, 'Human, Not Diagnosis’ campaign aimed to promote the social integration of people with mental health disorders. The campaign created a dialogue with communities and provided an understanding and humane environment for those living with mental health disorders in Latvia.

This campaign helped to educate communities about mental health disorders and helped to see those suffering from mental health illnesses as equal members of society. This was done by dispelling common myths that prevented society from seeing those with mental health issues as equal. There is also a lack of awareness between differences of long-term social care at institutions and community-based social services.

To complete their aims this campaign created a number of posters to help spread awareness. The website is available in three languages (English, Latvian and Russian), containing useful information regarding mental health illnesses, where to find support, and information for employers providing job opportunities for those with mental health disorders.

Watch the campaign video below to learn more.