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The Province of Liege Wants to Promote Careers Suffering From Skills Shortages


On Monday, the Province of Liege inaugurated its Technosphere at the Seraing Polytechnic School.

This new educational tool is intended to promote scientific and technological careers and prepare students for the careers of the future, underlined by Muriel Brodure, Provincial Councillor in charge of Education.

The Technosphere, a dome-shaped structure that spans 7.5 metres and stands 4.5 metres high, offers students in their final years of secondary school – with priority to those following vocational courses – the chance to take on the challenge of building a wind farm within this mobile workshop based on virtual and augmented reality.

The students, divided into four teams of three, are set eight tasks in a collaborative video game comprising three mini-games and eight video capsules. As such, they have four virtual reality headsets, twelve tablets, four wind turbine models made up of ten pieces printed in 3D to be assembled, as well as a central screen.

This educational tool, inspired by the Techni Truck launched in 2009 and which has already attracted thirty-five thousand students, enables youngsters to try their hand at technical careers. The aim is to combat the skills shortages affecting certain sectors, underlined Muriel Brodure. The Technosphere, which will be at the Seraing Polytechnic School for a week, will be presented, at their request, at another twenty educational establishments in the Liege area after the Easter holidays. This project was developed with the support of the European Social Fund and cost 900,000 euros.