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Det siger de om ESF

The drive to work


In France, job-seekers are on the move through a car-mobility scheme supported by the ESF

Some 44% of job-seekers in the French Department of La Mayenne have no driving licence for a car, and 25% have neither licence nor other means of transport. This can make it somewhat difficult to attend interviews, find work and get to work itself, at least for a while. And as they are job-seekers, many of them and in particular the young, have no money to fund driving lessons or maintain a car. To help them, the local authority is piloting the ‘Move to Work’ project which, as well as offering help to find work, also offers help to get to work. The support can involve lending a car, or loaning one at low cost; help with finding the right bus connections; or even funding and advice on the purchase of a suitable car. A number of local associations are supporting the initiative. In 2012, some 6000 job-seekers were helped, with 54% finding or keeping a job.