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Developing young talent
Developing young talent (13/03/2014)

Slovenia deploys ESF funding to boost the employment of young people in electronic publishing and cultural and arts education

Headmasters as lifelong learners
Headmasters as lifelong learners (06/12/2013)

An education project in Slovenia is giving the profession of headmaster a boost

Alternative Ljubljana
Alternative Ljubljana (10/10/2013)

A cultural association is developing an alternative way of presenting Slovenia’s capital city to tourists

Not less able
Not less able (27/09/2013)

With ESF help, a Slovenian social enterprise is placing qualified disabled people in higher-quality jobs

Nurturing R&D talent
Nurturing R&D talent (13/09/2013)

Slovenia is giving ESF support to researchers at an early stage of their career to help build a research-led economy