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A start-up day spurs Estonian enterprises to think big about exports

The Estonian entrepreneurship week included a special day for start-ups on 10 October with the title ‘Think Big’ (Mõtle suurelt). The aim of the day was to encourage start-ups and other enterprises to think strategically and envision opportunities to expand their operations beyond Estonia’s borders. Mr Taavi Laur, CEO of Enterprise Estonia said he wants entrepreneurs to show more business courage: “Last year, 98.7% of all enterprises in Estonia were micro and small enterprises, and this characterises vividly the nature of our business environment.”

There are many small entrepreneurs in Estonia who operate profitably and have a stable business, he explained. “Now they should take the next step and expand their business: widen their domestic operations, but also discover possibilities for exporting to foreign markets". The start-up day was intended to stimulate enterprising people to widen their scope, to act and take risks, he said, and at the same time help them to foresee and avoid possible dangers. The one-day conference was funded by the ESF through Enterprise Estonia.