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Students nuts to learn bolts of robotics in Croatia


Robotics has been added to the curriculum of selected schools in Croatia thanks to ESF funding.

‘Croatian Makers – STEM Revolution’ is bringing robotics to six schools, including a grammar school in Rikeka. It is organised by the Institute for Youth Development and Innovation, as part of a wider plan to introduce a STEM curriculum to schools in Croatia.

The school in Rikeka will receive the necessary equipment for new classes on robotics. Students will have the option to study subjects such as meteorology, chemistry of nutrition, financial mathematics and forensics. Last year the school introduced five new classes on information sciences, physics, biology, chemistry and mathematics. These classes were developed as part of the STEM Interactive project

The project is part of a wider initiative called ‘STEM Interactive PRHG – Development of new curricula and digital content’. It is financed by the European Social Fund.