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Inclusive approaches

Releasing Roma potential


Gothenburg, Sweden
© Istockphoto/Tupungato

ESF in Sweden supports entrepreneurship education for Roma

The city of Gothenburg is taking steps to help its Roma citizens by offering 12-week courses in entrepreneurship and the practical skills they need to develop their own business ideas. Led by the East Gothenburg authority, the ESF co-funded ‘New Way’ project is helping Roma people integrate better into the Swedish workforce with courses for 10-12 people that kick-off once a fortnight. Business-aware cultural interpreters are on hand to smooth the process, and expert instructorsoffering modules on marketing, taxation and finance, among others, are drawn from local organisations. While the training is focused on participants’ business ideas, self-employment is not the only objective, explains project manager Susanne Lotzke. “The important aim is to find new ways into work, perhaps through further education or as an employee. Above all, it is about getting more knowledge that can be used in everyday life.”