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Inclusive approaches

The language of success


© Istockphoto/ Oksana Struk

In the Saône-et-Loire region in France the Lutilea Association is giving young immigrants the French language skills they need to get a job and integrate better

In France the Lutilea Association is dedicated to helping those with few academic and language skills to acquire the basic knowledge and qualifications they need to enter the world of work. In the Saône-et-Loire region the local Lutilea branch is using ESF finance to support the low-skilled to gain qualifications, and immigrants to gain the French language skills to join the jobs market and even qualify for French nationality. The work of the Association depends heavily on volunteers who provide one-on-one coaching for participants. In the Charolais section alone some 113 volunteers are supporting some 120 participants at present, and 274 have been helped to improve their job prospects so far this year.