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Training outdoors. Trainee making notes. Learning for mechanic
© Istockphoto/ Bart Coenders

ESF gives a boost for aspiring car mechanics among young disabled people in the UK

“Disabled people need to be seen as equals. They may be disabled but they can do everything – just differently”, explains Andy Kent, who trains disabled young people to become car mechanics in Cambridge in the UK. His social enterprise ‘Andy’s Ark’ has just received GBP 12 000 (EUR 14 400) from the ESF to run a vehicle repair course for 20 disabled participants – the first grant the 10 year-old enterprise has received. Andy – who is disabled himself – has developed many innovative tools to help disabled young people work on cars, and his designs have been taken up by others around the country. And participants can expect to get on – one former student with cerebral palsy started a successful car valeting service this year.